We can tell everything we need to know about you politically if you choose to believe the Russian government rather than the White Helmets when it comes to chemical weapons in Syria. When I say Russian government, I include Syria, its professional propagandists & their guppies.

Erdogan plays both sides of the street on Palestinian rights

Erdogan ([Berk Özkan:Anadolu Agency] May 22 2018
Want to know when I mean when I criticize Erdogan for grandstanding when he withdrew the Turkish ambassador from Israel & expelled Israel’s ambassador after the Trump embassy massacre? Palestinians launched BDS in 2015 & it is just now that Erdogan raises the issue of boycott after the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) called for a ban only of products from the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, not all Israeli goods. Consider the power & impact of BDS if Turkey or any of the other 57 OIC countries honored the boycott. When it comes to apartheid & genocide, you can’t play both sides of the street.

(Photo of Erdogan from Berk Özkan/Anadolu Agency)

Vanessa Beeley & her trailing guppy squad are celebrating that ‘Damascus is finally free of terrorists after seven years.’ By which they mean Syria, Russia, & Iran have exterminated all Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp. Some have been buried in rubble. You cannot genuinely support Palestinians in Gaza, East Jerusalem, & the West Bank if you celebrate their slaughter in Syria.

Announcing formation of Free Rohingya Coalition


Rohingya activists, including Ro Nay San Lwin & Burmese dissident Maung Zarni, announce the formation of the Free Rohingya Coalition as an international network where activists can form chapters in their own cities to build rallies, teach-ins, speaking tours. Solidarity work is advanced considerably by such a coalition. Their website will also be a valuable source of information. Their Twitter site is just up for those who want to follow them there:


Victories for cultural boycott of Israel

Portishead BDS statement May 22 2018

There have been some important victories for the cultural boycott of Israel. This is a post by the English band Portishead endorsing BDS. Portuguese director & playwright Tiago Rodrigues announced he is canceling his participation in next month’s Israel Festival for political reasons & is officially joining the BDS movement. Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso who defied BDS & performed in Israel in 2015 also announced he will not perform there again because of Israel’s policies in occupied Palestine. In 2015 he performed with Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil who also canceled an upcoming performance in Israel but is kind of a weasel & did not cite Israeli genocide as the reason.

Palestinians are not terrorists–nor are Kashmiris & Rohingyas, though political groups within their body politics do engage in armed guerrilla warfare. Regardless of one’s views on the political efficacy of urban guerrilla warfare against modern high-tech armies, its use does not negate the justice or discredit those freedom struggles, not for one moment. The oppressed have a right to defend themselves by any means necessary. They have a right to learn through experience which strategies work for that purpose & which do not. Getting on the bandwagon against Hamas, ARSA, Kashmiri militants, or the Syrian Arab Spring uprising is nothing more than joining in the Islamophobic war on terror & that is standing on the wrong side of justice.

Indian troops intrude into Iftar meal in Kashmir & end up shooting unarmed civilians

Iftar incident in Shopian May 22 2018

This account is the clearest report of the outrageous incident last evening in the Shopian district of Kashmir when Indian occupying soldiers opened fire on unarmed Kashmiris who rejected the intrusion of soldiers into their evening meal breaking the Ramadan fast. Four young girls were injured, two with bullet wounds. You can see, especially in light of the massacre in Gaza, the irrational, sociopathic mentality of military occupation.

Here is another longer article on the incident which can only be called a senseless act of violence during the Indian Army’s claim of a ceasefire:


Israeli snipers kill young Palestinian woman at Trump embassy massacre

Wesal El-Sheikh Khalil one of 63 killed by Israel May 14 (Palestine Info Center) May 22 2018
Wesal El-Sheikh Khalil was one of two females killed at the Great Return March on May 14th. The other was 8-month-old Laila Al-Ghandour. Wesal was shot by an Israeli sniper just after this photo was taken. The prevailing Zionist narrative about unarmed protesters coerced & bullied by Hamas to charge the apartheid barrier breaks down in the face of overwhelming video & photographic evidence. The Palestine Info Center tweeted: “Murdered by Israel for being a girl, for being a child, for being Palestinian, for demanding her rights.” May she Rest In Peace.

(Photo by unidentified photographer, posted by several Palestinian sources, including Palestine Info Center)